Teachers’ salaries and school districts in financial debt situations…

Should school districts cut teachers’ salary raises when they are in financial debt?

In my town that I live in, the teachers’ union and school disctrict is at an impasse. The school district is wanting to cut the steps from their salary increase to make up for some financial debt burdens. Here are my thoughts on the article linked at the bottom the page…

Williston District 1 is in a financial deficit and wants to affect the salary of their teachers. Maybe they should have thought about what building a new school would do to their finances before they built it. By taking away the steps raises for their teachers, they will lose more. Teachers are a valuable factor in a child’s education. Without a teacher, they cannot learn. As a teacher, not in Williston District 1, as well as a single mother; some months it is hard to make ends meet. Many, many times I spend more hours than just my regular salary hours on making the learning experience the best for my students. I know I am not alone on this because that is just what any passionate teacher does for their students and for their classroom to run smoothly. We, teachers, often spend our own money on things to use when we teach. Last year, I spent over 300 dollars of my own money just on online programs to help monitor my students. Also, the students do more internet-based lesson quizzes after teaching a content. This helps reduce the amount of hours I spend correcting their work. Without the raises, these online programs I use would become very burdensome. Therefore, by taking away from the salary of a teacher, this can create stress on the teacher and their health can start to deteriorate. In turn, this means more payments to substitute teachers when this happens. I love teaching and I do it because it is my passion. Even though I didn’t go into it for money, some of the money I do earn, often goes into making my students learning environment and experience the best experience possible.

Teachers need to be treated just as important as doctors, we aren’t healing current health problems, but we are healing the hearts and minds of the children of the future…. The children that some day will be taking care of us in our old age. So wouldn’t we want the best for them? The start for a better future of our young people is making the experience of the teachers teaching them to be the best!

Williston Herald article that is the base of my blog:



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